• May 03, 2016
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Travel Inspired: London

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Summer vacations will soon be here and what better way to inspire your home decor than with memories of a favorite destination. Our travel inspiration for today's post...London!

Iconic historical buildings like the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey can transport you back medieval times. The beauty of these magnificent buildings is in the details. Royals and palaces inspire beautiful spaces that are elegant and refined.  Traditional furnishings, lush textiles,  and ornate accessories can make your space feel like your castle too.

Royal Details

Feeling a little royal? Make a statement with a stunning jeweled chandelier like the one in this room from William MacDonald.

Interior Design by William MacDonald

London Luxury

Add some English luxury with elaborate floral prints and intricate carvings on furniture and picture frames like the ones featured in these spaces from Paul Semkuley. Design by Paul Semkuley

And Floors to Match


Floors by Carpet One Floor & Hom (clockwise from top left)

MendozaMenasha, Fort Chaffee, and Dancing in the Moonlight




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